Birchwood Casey Firearm Angled Cleaning Brushes

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Angled Brushes for Deep Cleaning
Easily Reach Hard-to-Clean Places
Three Brush Materials

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Firearm Angled Cleaning Brushes

Three firearm brushes with angled stems.  Three styles of bristles: Stainless steel for use on hard metals, nylon and bronze to avoid scratches on more sensitive surfaces.

Energy-saving:  Angled necks on brushes allow easy access to all the hard-to-reach places that can cause cleaning headaches.  Easily reaches in to even the most awkward and narrow spaces.

Better than the rest:  Straight-handled brushes can't reach the areas these brushes can.

Comfortable to use:  All three brushes have an ergonomic handle making gripping a cinch and more comfortable on your hands.

Durable:  All these brushes are solvent and corrosion resistant. 

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