Birchwood Casey Synthetic Gun Oil 4.5oz

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Regular maintenance with Birchwood Casey Synthetic Gun Oil and our other quality gun maintenance products will help keep your gun performing like new!

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Birchwood Casey Synthetic Gun Oil 4.5oz

A superior lubricant for all climates.  Excellent for lubricating and protecting all metal firearm parts.  Won't gum-up or lose its viscosity under extreme temperature variations from -55° F to +300° F.  A low evaporation rate assures long-term protection.  Steel panels protected with this oil successfully resisted 24 hours of continuous salt spray and nearly 72 hours of 100% relative humidity tests without rusting.  The natural solvency of Synthetic Gun Oil means it cleans as it oils.  Offers fast penetration that quickly softens old rust and lead fouling residues.

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