Diamond Edge SB-1 Bow Package Mossy Oak Country 70 lbs. RH

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You'll never think of versatility the same.

Draw Length: 15 - 30"
Draw Weight: 7 - 70 lbs.
Draw: Right Hand
Color: Mossy Oak Country

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Draw Length: 15’-30”
Draw Weight: 7-70 lbs.
Speed: 318 fps
Brace Height: 7”
Overall Weight: 3.6 lbs.
Axel to Axel: 31

Made for archers of any age or skill level, the all new Diamond® Edge SB-1 Compound bow is the definition of versatility. Boasting an adjustable draw length of 15”-30” and a draw weight of 7-70 lbs all without the need of a bow press, the Edge SB-1 can be set up and shot by anyone, anywhere, at any time. In addition to it’s impressive adjustability, the Diamond® Edge SB-1 also features a 7” brace height, 3.6 lb. weight, and 318 fps speed.

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