Muzzy Fish Arrow w/Gar Point Nock & Bottle Slide1EA

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The Muzzy Bowfishing Classic White Fish Arrow is a favorite among bowfishermen. The white fiberglass shaft comes tipped with a Gar Point, nock installed, and a pre-drilled cross hole for tying your line or installing a safety slide.

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Muzzy Classic White Fish Arrow - Gar Point


  • Classic White Fiberglass Shaft
  • Length: 32"
  • Diameter: 5/16"
  • Cross-hole Drilled
  • Nock Installed
  • Gar Fish Tip Installed

Muzzy's Classic Fish Arrow with Quick Release Gar Point is all stainless including the Trogar Tip and is designed for tough skinned fish.  Cam-lock feature assures great penetration and no spin off.  Barb is reversible and releases with two quick turns.

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