Yeti Silo 6G White

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The 6-gallon capacity is well suited for groups while the Fatwall design and Permafrost insulation will ensure that the water inside stays ice cold, or unfrozen in the colder winter months.

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The YETI® Silo® 6G is what a water cooler should be: a hardworking hydration station that keeps water cold for hours, tough enough to take a tumble, and built to deliver more than just drops at a time. With these critical qualities in mind, we called upon the legendary cold-holding power and rotomolded armor of the Tundra® and fused it with an ultra-strong spigot to create a remarkably insulated, quick-to-pour, easy-to-clean powerhouse of a water cooler.

  •  SUREPOUR™ SPIGOT - Designed to offer fast fill ups.
  • STEADYSTEEL™ HANDLE - Helps steady your hold and serves as extra protection for your SurePour Spigot.
  • ROTOMOLDED CONSTRUCTION  -  Armored to the core to withstand drops and outlast long days in the sweltering sun.
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