Cablz Monoz Blk Monoz Adjustable Zipz 14" Retainer Black Mono

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The Monoz are available in a 14" length and Universal Ends.
Some models are available in XL and XS.

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Cablz replaced the stainless steel cable with monofilament-like line.  We kept the same "off the neck" concept and design as our Zipz adjustable for a more secure fit.  Monofilament is naturally non-conductive, making this a perfect style for those in the Utility industry.

Universal ends are available in 7 colors: Orange, Yellow, Green, Opaque White, Blue, Black, Blue/White Swirlz.
The Monoz Black, Blue & Opaque White are available in XL and the Black is available in XS Skinnyz.


  • Use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer to apply Cablz to your eyewear for easy application and secure fit, by pushing the Cablz up onto the frame of your glasses 2 to 3 letters of the Cablz logo.
  • Avoid using one set of Cablz on multiple glasses. The rubber ends may split if removed from glasses too many times.
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