AMS A203-FLO Fiberglass Arrow Chaos Point Flo Green Shaft & Safety Slide

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Tie to EverGlide Safety Slide and Go!

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Fiberglass Arrow with Chaos FX Point

AMS arrows are of unmatched quality and guaranteed straight.  The Chaos® FX is an excellent all-around point.  It's great for all fish, shallow water and all types of shooters.  Its short length and narrow barbs require minimal penetration to engage the barbs in a fish.  The barbs pivot to the side to hold the fish and release by loosening the tip.

EverGlide® Arrow Safety Slide® - If used properly, the AMS EverGlide® Safety Slide® system will prevent your line from tangling with bowstring cables or accessories.


  • Solid Fiberglass
  • Pivoting Barbs
  • Short Point for Great Penetration
  • Rock Tested Cyclone® Tip
  • Made in USA
  • 1" x .875" Holding Area
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