AMS M151 Wave Rest Arrow Rest

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The AMS Bowfishing Wave Rest is built to perform under all shooting conditions and provides stability for maximum arrow control while swing shooting at fast moving fish.

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Wave Rest® Arrow Rest

The rugged AMS Wave Rest® was designed for simplicity and functionality.  High sides keep the arrow under control during the shot and a spinning roller reduces wear on the arrow shaft.  The Wave Rest can be used by right or left hand shooters.

The spinning roller provides additional arrow control during the shot and reduces wear on the arrow shaft. The Wave Rest has proven itself as a rugged and durable, easy to use bowfishing arrow rest and allows for simple, perfect center shot adjustment.

It can be easily adjusted to the proper height and distance with the turn of a screw. It is universal for use by both right and left handed shooters. The spinning Celcon roller wheel inside the rest provides superior arrow control during the shot as it rolls with the arrow as it departs, supporting the weight of heavy bowfishing arrows and preventing excessive wear on shafts and increases arrow speed by reducing friction on the arrow and helps you land more fish.


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