Bear Moment Xtra 70lb RH Green Camo, A7MM20007

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Big shooting performance from a compact bow platform.

Draw Length: 25"-30"
Draw Weight: 70 lbs.
Draw: Right Hand
Color: Green Camo

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A compact shooting platform that delivers amazing shootability, the Moment Compound Bow from Bear® Archery helps bowhunters seize the moment when big opportunities present themselves. Anchoring performance cams in load-distributing Max Preload Quad Limbs™, the Moment delivers a silky smooth draw cycle before unleashing arrows up to 340 fps. This rock solid bow features Bear’s multi-faceted CrossLock™ Limb Pocket to deliver maximum strength at key points of stress during and after the release and Rockstops™ adjustable limb stops for a solid back wall. The easy-to-use DrawDial™ module system offers easy draw length adjustment from 25″-30″. Bear HingeGuard™ technology resists lateral torque during the shot, increasing forgiveness and accuracy. Narogrip™ quick grip acquisition technology helps you ensure a solid shooting position at the time of release on every shot. Bi-dimensionally adjustable SonicStop™ offset string suppressors work with Shockwaves limb dampeners and SonicKnots™ string dampeners to reduce and absorb vibration and sound. Great for the stand or ground blind, this 31″ axle-to-axle bow weighs just 4 lbs. for easy handling. Its 80% letoff makes it easier to hold at full draw when you need a few more precious seconds for the shot. Brace height: 6″. Draw length: 25″-30″.


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