Banded H.E.A.T. Hand Warmer w/ Primaloft, Max7

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Maximum warmth and comfort.

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  • 3-level adjusting electric heating element
  • 100 gram Primaloft silver premium insulation
  • Magnetic front storage pocket with an integrated iPhone charging cable
  • Zippered rear storage compartment
  • Coral fleece liner
  • 8 shell loops

*Batteries sold separately

BANDED® H.E.A.T.™ Battery Info:

Banded H.E.A.T. handwarmers, Jackets and Vests use a 2 USB Port battery (1 port for heating element, 1 port for phone charging) — Only (1) ONE battery is needed to operate the Banded® H.E.A.T.™ Jacket, Vest and Handwarmer. Any 2 USB port power pack will work, we recommend the battery option linked below from OtterBox®.


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