Cablz Flyz Green Fly Line 22" Flyzg - Cablz Flygreen Fly Line 22"

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Award-Winning Design
Patented Ball Bearing Technology
Universal End Fits Most Frames
Ultra Lightweight
Low Profile

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Cablz Flyz come in 22" length but can be shortened by pushing the fly line out of the rubber end, trimming to designed length and retying a knot in the line.  Do NOT remove the ball bearing.


Use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer to apply Cablz to your eyewear for easy application and secure fit, by pushing the Cablz up onto the frame of your glasses 2 to 3 letters of the Cablz logo.
Avoid using one set of Cablz on multiple glasses. The rubber ends may split if removed from glasses too many times.


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